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Scoupon enters PR war with Jumponit, Spreets and Cudo

Scoupon, the Groupon spinoff from the CatchOfTheDay team has entered the PR war with rivals Jumponit, Spreets and Microsoft and PBL backed Cudo.

Scoupon Catchoftheday gabby leibovichCompetition in the ‘Groupon clone’ space has heated up considerably this year, with Jumponit, Spreets, Ouffer, Ourdeal and now Cudo now occupying the space in Australia, all have some chance of survival given that each can only offer 365 offers each day per region, however competition has heated up and the number of press releases flying around has increased steadily over the last three months.

Scoupon has joined the press release bonanza amongst Groupon clones in Australia after the launch of Cudo by PBL and NineMSN/Microsoft, possibly fearing Cudo eating into it’s more mainstream audience than rivals Jumponit and Spreets. Scoupon is at an advantage though, with Catchoftheday’s email database has a distinct leg up on the competition with over 500,000 members already receiving Catchoftheday’s alerts.

Groupon clones offer one deal per day with a minimum number of purchasers required to commit to the price before the deal proceeds. In Scoupon’s case deals are released at noon every day and are tailored to the member’s location.

Scoupon is pitching itself as an ideal way for small businesses to reach their large user base.

“by offering a deal on scoopon.com.au, they get exposure to thousands of potential customers and can dramatically increase their sales.”

“For instance, one Sydney based tour business got 3470 new customers and $170,000 worth of bookings in one 24 hour period!” the release read.

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