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Scoopon delivers group airfare deal, signals move into big-ticket items

Scoopon is offering Australia’s first ever group buying deal on airfares, giving consumers the opportunity to buy a flexible, direct return flight from Melbourne to Phuket with Strategic Airlines at close to 75 percent off.

The flights, worth $2,298, are on sale today for just $599 and signal the company’s intention to deliver a range of product and service deals to consumers, beyond massages and restaurants.

According to Scoopon General Manager Jon Beros, extending into new categories and larger value purchases allows the company to increase the value it offers customers, deliver more choice and allow it to reach new customer segments that traditionally may not have shopped on group buying sites.

“The airline industry is one area we can help the Aussie shopper get better value and we are really shaking things up with the unprecedented deal we are running, offering close to 75 percent off the standard price,” said Beros.

Beros says that the airline sector is one of many new product categories the company will be exploring as it looks to build upon its leadership position in the Australian group buying market.

Today’s deal offers flexible direct return fares worth $2,298, including in-flight entertainment, a complimentary meal and drinks, 23 kilograms of checked luggage, 7 kilograms of carry-on baggage plus a10 kilogram sporting equipment allowance.

The offer is valid for 12 months and Scoopon is also giving away a $100 voucher which can be spent on any future airfare offers.