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Sceptics question Government’s broadband network

The Government’s proposed $43 billion national broadband strategy has come into question, with the Opposition sceptical of the Government’s ability to raise so much money in a global recession, along with making broadband affordable for Australians.

The Government abandoned its plan for a smaller, privately built network, instead opting to deliver a super-fast broadband to 90 percent of all homes, schools and workplaces.

Mr Rudd is hoping the “nation-building” project will help transform the economy, supporting 25,000 jobs a year for eight years.

“This investment is expected to generate additional economic activity worth some $37 billion over the life of the project; an additional quarter per cent of GDP every year for the life of the project.”

But Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull believes there is already an appropriate broadband network in place and that the new system will create more debt for families already struggling.

“What does it say about the Prime Minister that he is prepared to stand up and say he will invest $43 billion of taxpayers’ money in a project for which he provides not one skerrick of financial detail?”

Industry experts have welcomed the new broadband strategy, but believe the Government must do everything in its power to keep the costs down.

Teresa Corbin from the Consumers’ Telecommunications Network said,“we are very keen to make sure that the price is kept down and we’ve argued very strongly about this and the Government to date have been supportive.”

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