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Pinterest marketing: Pinning with a purpose

Pinterest can help you attract new customers, but first you must define your online marketing strategy.

In her book Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest, author Beth Hayden gives step-by-step advice on using Pinterest to engage and connect with current and potential customers. In this edited excerpt, Hayden explains how to create a Pinterest marketing strategy.

If you don’t think about strategy before you dive into Pinterest marketing, your pinning efforts are very likely to be a giant waste of time.

1. Define your ideal client.

The critical first step in defining your online strategy is to identify your ideal client and create descriptive profiles of the kind of client you’re trying to reach. One of the best ways to create detailed, useful profiles is to interview people. Ask some of your favorite clients as many questions as you can. How old are they? Do they have children? What specific problems do they wake up thinking about? What words do they use in describing themselves and the issues they are facing? What do they do for fun? What websites and social media tools do they use?

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