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Penny for your thoughts?

I recently read an interesting article by Simon Robinson, Marketing Director International for Vignette, on how businesses can make money from blogs.

The article discussed 7 ways businesses (and individuals for that matter) can monetise their blog, emphasising the importance of a) knowing your audience b) being able to track and measure consumer engagement and c) knowing who to approach for advertising and how to correctly market your blog.

It is yet another great way businesses can utilise social media to market their brand. It astounds me how easy it is to make money from simply sharing your thoughts and/or expertise on a particular topic with the world wide web. The best part about it is that you are getting something from nothing because social media is free to use!

Perez Hilton is a prime example of someone who has made a living (and a tidy one at that) out of sharing his narky comments about celebrities with the world. His blogs are engaging and he has built up his own band of followers. He blog is so successful he has advertisers knocking at his door, desperate to promote their brand on his website.

To quote Sharon Williams, CEO of Taurus Marketing in her recent blog post, now is a great time for businesses to “engage in the conversation” and invest in social media and blogging as it will pay off in the long run!

In other news, Dynamic Business has formed a partnership with Young Achievement Australia, a non-government, not for profit charitable institution committed to developing the entrepreneurial spirit of young Australians. As part of the YAA Business Skills Program™, students are given the opportunity to build their business skills and knowledge by putting their ideas into action to establish, plan and operate a self directed business.

In order to help promote their new business venture, we are providing students with their own company blog, where they will discuss their day-today activities on starting, managing and growing their new business; and be given the opportunity to gain valuable feedback and advice from the business community. So keep a look out for them in the coming weeks. I am sure they will appreciate any advice you can give them.

What do you think?

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Jessica Stanic

As a proud Gen Y’er, Jessica’s blog will give you a rare insight into the complex minds of Gen Y’ers with a focus on online, exploring everything from social networking, to mobile phone obsessions and how you can market to this tech savvy bunch.

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