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Outlets Increase Productivity

This week we won our 6th rugby game for the season! It was great to get back into the winners circle after getting belted by Eastwood last week. Honestly, it has been a tough season for us with season ending injuries and quite simply players who are physically smaller.

When you are talking about a physical game like rugby, size is everything!

So when you don’t have the size, you have to have the tactics. This means hours after the win, we are thinking about the next game, a plan for the upcoming week, to prepare us, and a potential game plan. Plus during the week video session, skills session, game planning and of course training. Fortunately, there are 2 other coaches for our Team, but nevertheless lots of work for the 80 minute game next Saturday against Manly.

Our coaching arrangement is a head coach, assistant coach and me. So while, I am the third wheel, I take my responsibilities very seriously. It almost feels like a job for me – although a voluntary job!

But when I retired from playing and decided to coach, it was going to be my outlet. Like all entrepreneurs, we can work all day and every day. It is not healthy or good for our productivity. We should always have an escape or outlet. My outlet was to be rugby coaching.

Coaching 2nd to 5th grades over 10 years in Sydney’s premier rugby competition was fantastic. I have won 1 premiership and lost 1 grand final. Not bad. But I always wanted to become a 1st grade coach. And 2010, presented me with this opportunity.

Stepping into the elite coaching level with 2 experienced coaches has been the most wonderful opportunity but at this level, we are coaching current and potential Super 15 players. There is pressure to ensure they do their best for contracts with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the elusive premiership, not won since 1975!

There is pressure to perform – which I love. But I have learnt an important lesson – if your outlet becomes too serious, you need a new outlet!

I feel this year that I go from work to work. So my productivity and my stress levels have really changed. I feel my work has suffered.

I need that outlet. Whether it is the gym, walking, another hobby or playing with my daughter – I need this for my health and sanity.

Do you have an outlet?

What do you think?

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Justin Tamsett

Justin Tamsett

Justin is Australia’s leading fitness business management consultant. He’s worked in the industry since 1989, as a personal trainer, sales manager and health club owner. He understands the pressure that SME business owners and managers sometimes put themselves under. He’s been there and done that and now suffers from a stress-induced chronic illness! In his blog he’ll share his tips on how to stay healthy, productive and happy at work and at home, whether you’re a couch potato or a gym bunny. Follow him on Twitter @JTActiveMgmt or check out his personal blog www.JustinTamsett.com

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