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No jobs for uni graduates

As the economy worsens, job cuts are increasing. It is a difficult time to be looking for work. Those finding it particularly tough in this current climate are university graduates.

A number of companies are reducing their recruitment drive numbers in an effort to weather the financial crisis.

According to a report on ABC News, accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, are for the first time not signing up graduates in a group, but spreading out their recruitment over the year.

Inta Heimanis from Sydney University’s careers service believes there has been a major shift in attitude in recent months, with many companies reluctant to take on an abundance of new graduates.

“Overwhelmingly the message I’m getting is they do expect to recruit in significant numbers for commencement in 2010 but a number of people have commented they feel there may be an impact after that.

“Probably as you would expect the smaller employers are not participating in such great numbers.”

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