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New Year off with a bang as job vacancies surge

Employers and job candidates are being advised to make the most out of a strong January jobs market, as job vacancies surged 6.5 percent over December, IPA data reveals.

The pace of employment growth accelerated in December, with the latest monthly data from IPA, one of Australia’s largest recruitment firms, showing job vacancies increased 6.5 percent over December compared to 3.4 percent growth in November. December recorded the highest volume of job vacancies in 14 months, with job vacancies growth the strongest in New South Wales and Queensland.

Rabieh Krayem, CEO of IPA, said the December vacancies numbers saw 2009 end on a high note.

“The employment market was in a hole for much of 2009, with April marking the low point.  Slowly, but doggedly, the market has picked up.  December 2009 vacancies were around 40 percent higher than April 2009, and around 10 percent higher than December 2008,” he said.

Krayem said January is a great time for candidates and employers, and employers should be making retention and recruitment a priority.

“Employers should look hard at staffing needs for 2010 and act strategically.  If staff are needed, it is best to act now when there is a large pool of good candidates out there.  As that pool contracts, employers can expect to take longer to fill positions with the right people.”