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Credit: Leon Seibert

Neeva launches in Australia as competitor to google with AI-powered search

A new search engine, Neeva, has recently launched in Australia, offering users an alternative to Google.

Neeva promises to provide honest search results with no tracking, advertisements, or affiliate links. 

Additionally, Australian users will have access to NeevaAI, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver an enhanced search experience that combines the best features of ChatGPT with the authority and timeliness of search.

One of NeevaAI’s key features is its ability to provide a single, synthesised answer for a query, with linked sources pulled from the most relevant sites. This allows users to determine the authenticity and reliability of the cited sources easily. NeevaAI is also able to provide up-to-date information by crawling hundreds of millions of pages daily and serving from its independent index of billions of pages.

Neeva operates on a freemium model, offering users both a basic free service and a premium subscription with added features such as a VPN and password manager. The premium subscription is priced at AUD $7.99 per month or AUD $69.99 per year for Australian users

CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy commented on Neeva’s launch: “Neeva is a user-first platform focused on private, transparent searches versus a search engine serving advertisers. The internet should be your private corner of the web instead of a barrage of ads, SEO spam and irrelevant information. 

“We’re reinventing search by leveraging the most cutting edge AI, giving users control over sources; providing accurate and transparent results as well as private and customised experiences without the influence of corporate bias, tracked around the web.”

“Google has dominated the search engine market, maintaining over 90 percent market share. Neeva will challenge this supremacy by creating a better search and browse experience that delights users”, says Mr Ramaswamy. 

He added: “Users should expect answers from their queries, not the ads or information that one company decides they should see online.

“The ad-supported internet has created vastly misaligned incentives that have made Big Technology monopolies and advertisers richer while exploiting users’ privacy and personal data. It’s time for a new approach to search that puts people first.”        

Neeva has developed its own independent search stack, which draws upon a massive index of billions of web pages.

In addition, the search engine offers a feature that allows users to connect personal applications such as email, Dropbox, Slack, Figma, and others. This makes it easy to search important personal documents while maintaining strict privacy controls.

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