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MyDIALS makes planning easier at Plan B

MyDIALS’s performance management platform is now in place at Australian wealth management firm Plan B, allowing the company to measure and standardise operational performance.Saas management

MyDIALS, global software as a service (SaaS) performance management company, has implemented interactive dashboards within Plan B’s Corporate Solutions division. The software will deliver a snapshot of Plan B’s strategic performance indicators, enabling the organisation to track the status of client meetings, the results of networking events, and the impact of company presentations and seminars to deliver new customer revenue.

The software will help Plan B managers to make rapid decisions about how the organisation is performing at any point in time, according to Account Director, Plan B Corporate Darryl Morphett.

“We required greater timeliness in our organisational reporting to provide better coordination of business critical information, including key performance indicator analysis on forecast business performance. User friendliness and faster compilation of accurate reports were key requirements,” Mr Morphett said.

“Our intention was to bring, current, relevant, accurate information to the end user to assist with key decision making and added discipline in business forecasting,” added Mr Morphett.

The myDIALS platform also has the ability to initially integrate with the company-wide existing reporting system and eventually supersede it. The company also offers onsite introductory training to help staff with the transition.

The platform’s ability to work with existing software is critical as it allows staff to get comfortable with a new system, says the Managing Director of MyDials Perth-based partner OpX Solutions, Michael Lomman.

“The great benefit that myDIALS brings to business improvement is the ability to rapidly transform existing business information to immediately enhance decision making, while simultaneously providing a platform for ongoing, evidence based, improvement,” said Mr Lomman.

Plan B intends to proceed with the implementation of the software across the business, ensuring data transparency for the company’s entire prospect and lead development.

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