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Motivate millennials: take a cue from video games

In my view, millennials are no more difficult to manage than past generations. Just look at the job from their perspective.

I recently talked with a group of CEOs about how to best motivate and retain millennial employees. We covered everything from management style and compensation to technology and work environment. While this was all useful, I find the best hints to keep millenials motivated and engaged at the office come from a perhaps unlikely place: the video games they played when they were growing up.

They want to understand the larger goal.

Millennials don’t readily accept doing tasks just because “I said so.” They want to understand why they should do something-the overall objective, goal, or purpose. And they want to wrap their heads around how the work that we do as a company impacts our customers.

To keep millenials engaged, take time to explain the purpose, and cause and effect of how their role is important. Just like popular video games, they need a princess or a kingdom to save.

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