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Real-time marketing approach unveiled by myDIALS

Australian businesses can now see the effect of their marketing campaigns have in real-time, with myDIALS launching its new marketing module today.Cloud computing technology

MyDIALS, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) performance management solution, announced the release of its performance module for marketing. The module provides visualisation and analytics to show the effect marketing programs have on revenues and profits, offering users a variety of what-if scenarios.

The benefit of the myDIALS marketing module is that provides businesses with a more holistic view of their marketing endeavours, according to CEO of myDIALS Wayne Morris.

“Traditional Business Intelligence solution providers don’t provide a holistic view of the entire marketing process including activities and outcomes, and so marketing professionals end up improvising and making decisions based on incomplete, out of date, and inaccurate information,” said Mr Morris.

“MyDIALS delivers the right performance metrics when and how users need them with easy-to-use analytics and real-time scenario analysis, so every department – marketing included – can make operational decisions to improve overall business performance,” Mr Morris added.

MyDIALS gives marketers right-time information on marketing metrics such as leads, website activity, marketing campaign effectiveness, conversion ratios, social media reach and costs per campaign. MyDIALS also correlates campaign metrics with incremental revenue and gross profit to show true Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

The module provides businesses with the right mix of information to help create truly effective marketing programs, says Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales, Eloqua Alex Shootman.

“As a leader in Revenue Performance Management we understand the importance of measuring and optimising the entire sales process – from unknown ‘suspects’ on the social Web, right through to closed deal. MyDIALS helps us optimise our internal sales process, effectiveness and outcomes,” said Mr Shootman.

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