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Kogan ousts KEVIN37 with red JULIA32 model after Labor #spill

Kogan Technologies has responded quickly to the Labor party PM spill last week, ousting their KEVIN37 LCD TV in favor of a smaller red JULIA32 model.

Kogan Julia32Kogan Technologies issued a press release this morning that played up the Labor party PM spill last week.

“The Kogan Julia32 has very similar specifications to the Kevin37, but is smaller, cheaper, and more visually pleasing with a striking red design. Other changes include a sturdier cabinet that is able to withstand the normal knocks, blows, and shuffles of everyday usage” the release read.

Dynamic Business May cover star, Ruslan Kogan said he was sad to see the Kevin37 go, but the time for change had come.

“The popularity of our Kevin37 was waning. We’ve been introducing great new products including LED TVs, Digital radios, and exciting new Blu-ray players and the Kevin37 was beginning to look dated” said Kogan.

“The Kevin37 lost its way, now it’s time to get back on track with the Kogan Julia32, which is more accessible to hard working Australian families.

“The Kogan Julia32 could be the next big thing in consumer electronics. It brings the price of Full High Definition entertainment down to more affordable levels, and replaces the old conservative colour scheme with a more progressive look.

“When we launched the Kevin37, we listened to our customers and let them decide the features they wanted through discussions on our blog. However, the people ultimately changed their minds on the Kevin37.

“With the Kogan Julia32, we just made an executive decision on behalf of our customers. It comes with stable back-end support, so we didn’t feel that direct input from the public was required.

The Kogan Julia32 is the company’s first Red LCD TV. It is being sold in Australia for a very limited time, and may be replaced with a new model before the end of 2010.