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Julia Gillard’s move to PM smashed Google search results

Julia Gillard’s rise to Prime Minister yesterday and the media aftermath that has followed after ousting Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister triggered a wave of interest in the topic in Google searches.

Julia GillardJulia Gillard’s moment of triumph sent nearly every Australian to their closest computer to look up information about the leader, the Australian Labor Party and search for news surrounding the dethroning of Kevin Rudd over the last 24 hours.

As at 2pm yesterday (Thursday, June 24), the fastest rising search term on google.com.au was no surprise:

australian labour party (1)
It was followed by:
rudd speech (2)
tim matheison (4)
alister jordan (6)
kirribilli house (8)
quentin bryce (11)
craig emerson (15)
kevin rudd speech (18)

Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard were the names on Australians lips yesterday, but who were the other personalities involved in Julia’s rise to Prime Minister that Australians were searching for?

tim matheison (Julia Gillard’s partner) – 4th fastest rising
alister jordan (Kevin Rudd’s chief of staff) – 6th fastest rising
quentin bryce (Governor General) – 11th fastest rising
craig emerson (Small Business Minister) – 15th fastest rising
mark arbib (Minister for Employment Participation) – 56th fastest rising

Australians are also keen to know more about Julia Gillard, with many not overly familiar with Kevin Rudd’s former loyal deputy.

Among the most popular searches yesterday:

wikipedia julia gillard
julia gillard partner
is julia gillard married
julia gillard boyfriend
how old is julia gillard
julia gillard biography
where was julia gillard born
julia gillard background
julia gillard photos

Of the top 100 fastest rising terms in Australia as of 2pm, 90 of them were related to the political situation or to news sites covering the remarkable events.