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iPhone OS 3.0 updates good for business

The latest iPhone OS 3.0 software updates have received rave reviews from the business community, with a number of applications designed to increase productivity and save time.

So, what benefits does the iPhone OS 3.0 bring to business?

1. Cut and paste – This function makes it easy for users to cut and paste elements from a webpage with all style and formatting elements intact.

2. Spotlight Search– Enables users to search for on-device content easier and more intuitively. Users can simple type in a search item and the phone will pull together all content on the device that contain the search term listed. It makes searching for business documents along with important emails that much easier.

3. Content is shared – Users are able to sync both Exchange wirelessly and personal calendars via iTunes. This means that personal business content does not need to be stored on company servers and is easily accessible via the iPhone. The upgrade also puts more control in the hands of the user in relation to which calendar is viewed so it is easy to mix or separate work and personal business easily.

4. Advanced security function – There is a ‘Remote Wipe’ feature where a user can signal the iPhone to destroy all of its own content remotely via either MobileMe or Microsoft Exchange. The updates contain an advanced feature which will cause the iPhone to self-destruct if the user has enabled a password-protection and someone has stolen the phone and attempted to hack into the system. This makes it virtually impossible for any personal business content to be damaged or replicated in any way.

5. Improvements with Mail – Users can now set preferences to load or not load remote images into e-mails, to require or not require confirmation before deleting messages, and determine how far back to sync calendar entries. The new features are great for including spreadsheets, PDF documents and another other attachments directly into emails and can be easily emailed to clients or other business associates. It allow for remote access, enabling workers to access important documents from wherever they are.

If you use your iPhone for business, we would love to know what you think of the new updates. Please leave your comment below.

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