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In the September issue of Dynamic Business

ON THE COVER: Colin Porter, Founder and CEO of CreditorWatch, talks about how his own frustrations as a small business owner not getting paid led him to start CreditorWatch. Now he’s helping other SMEs get paid on time, keeping their cashflow healthy.

Also in the September issue of the magazine:

  • What will the SME of the future look like?
  • SMEs should prepare to take advantage of the NBN now.
  • Industry experts reveal what cloud computing really means for SMEs, why they’re scared of and why.
  • Meet the entrepreneur behind the Lord of the Fries fast food franchise.
  • Tips & tricks to get the most out of your Qantas Frequent Flyer points.
  • Your guide to cashing in on cloud computing.
  • Reputations & brand management. What does it mean and how to achieve it.
  • What tablet technology means for small business.
  • Grace Brothers removalists celebrate 100 years in business, and we take a look back.
  • Is your circle of influence in good shape? If you’re not getting referrals, maybe not…
  • A beginners guide to using Twitter.