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HTC 7 Trophy plans not ready for Oct 21 launch on Vodafone

HTC 7 Trophy will be coming to Vodafone in Australia on October 21st, however Vodafone is yet to finalist HTC 7 Trophy plans and pricing as it waits for competitors Optus and Telstra to reveal their Windows Phone 7 plans first.

Vodafone HTC TrophyHTC is launching three Windows Phone 7 mobile phones, the HTC Mozart and HD7 through Telstra (October 21st and January respectively) and the HTC 7 Trophy through Vodafone on October 21st. Both the HTC Mozart and 7 Trophy mobile boast similar specs, including 1Ghz Qualcomm CPU and 3.7/8″ Super TFT LCD screens, the HTC Mozart comes with an 8MP camera though, with this alongside the phone’s unibody aluminum construction being the primary differentiators to the 7 Trophy.

HTC 7 Trophy plans and pricing have not been finalised by Vodafone, with an announcement to be made by the telco closer to the October 21st launch date.

The HTC 7 Trophy is pushed as a consumer device in its marketing, with support for Xbox Live and Zune support, however the mobile has Microsoft Office integrated deeply within the device, bringing a rich user experience for editing documents on the go. Unfortunately Microsoft is yet to enable cut and paste functionality into Windows Phone 7, so this is likely to put many seeking an on-the-go document editing solution off buying the phone, however Microsoft yesterday revealed they expect to release an update to Windows Phone 7 that enables cut and paste within three months.

Florian Seiche, president, HTC EMEA believes Windows Phone 7 sets a new benchmark for smartphones.

“HTC 7 Trophy has been developed specifically to offer a fantastic gaming and multimedia experience, on top of all the social networking and standard functionality you’d expect from a smartphone. We are excited to offer Vodafone customers in these markets a device which is helping to set a new standard for mobile entertainment and communication.”

Ross Parker, General Manager, Devices and Pricing at Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) is tipping the telco’s toes into the Windows Phone 7 pond with the HTC 7 Trophy.

“The inclusion of the HTC 7 Trophy, as a Windows 7 smartphone that’s exclusive to Vodafone, further enhances the choice of smartphones we offer to our customers.” said Mr Parker.

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