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HTC 7 Mozart plans start at $49/month Oct 21 through Telstra

HTC 7 Mozart plans will start at $49/month through Telstra, putting HTC’s Windows Phone 7 launch mobile head to head with the Android powered HTC Desire.

HTC 7 Mozart Telstra
HTC 7 Mozart on Telstra (Click for full size)

HTC is launching three Windows Phone 7 mobile phones, the HTC Mozart and HD7 through Telstra (October 21st and January respectively) and the HTC 7 Trophy through Vodafone on October 21st. Vodafone are yet to release plans and pricing for the HTC 7 Trophy mobile, but Telstra will launch the HTC 7 Mozart on its $49 cap plan for $0 upfront over  24 months

Both the HTC 7 Mozart and 7 Trophy mobile boast similar specs, including 1Ghz Qualcomm CPU and 3.7/8″ Super TFT LCD screens, the HTC 7 Mozart comes with an 8MP camera compared to the 5MP camera on the 7 Trophy on Vodafone. In addition the HTC 7 Mozart boasts a unibody aluminum construction like that of the HTC Legend and HTC Desire HD, with the phone being milled from a single block of aluminum.

Tracey Fellows, managing director, Microsoft Australia believes Telstra’s NextG network will deliver a successful Windows Phone 7 experience.

“We are delighted to have Telstra as our major launch partner for Windows Phone 7. Telstra’s market reach and leading Next G network will be key ingredients for Windows Phone 7’s success in Australia.”

Telstra Chief Marketing Officer, Kate McKenzie believes Australians are embracing smartphones like never before, with Telstra expecting 50 percent of phones sold within 12 months to be smartphones of one variety or another.

“Windows Phone 7 arrives at a time when Australians are embracing smartphones in record numbers. We think our customers will love the simplicity of Windows Phone 7 as well as its bold visual design. ” she said.

The HTC 7 Mozart is available for $0 upfront to Telstra Consumer and Telstra Business customers on a $49, or higher, Cap Plan (minimum cost over 24 months $1176). Being a Windows Phone 7 device, the HTC 7 Mozart includes seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and other Office products.

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