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How to test your business ideas

Rather than viewing your business goals as a straight line, try this method of zigzagging your way to success.

Many of the greatest inventors and entrepreneurs admit to having failed at some point in their careers, but Richard Christensen, entrepreneur and author of The Zig Zag Principle (McGraw-Hill, 2011)  says while failing may be a normal part of business and life, most of us are ill-equipped to fail efficiently.

He uses the analogy of skiing to teach entrepreneurs to take deliberate diversions on the road to achieving success to avoid the kind of catastrophic failures that can result in financial and personal ruin. “When we ski, we don’t take our skis and point them directly down the mountain or we’ll break our neck,” says Christensen.

This approach is drastically different than what most business school graduates are taught to do. “In business, we’re taught to do a performance analysis and set some big hairy goal and charge directly towards it and then we wonder why only one in ten small businesses achieve [what they set out to],” says Christensen.

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