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How to go from dream to decision

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who just can’t take the leap or you’re trapped in a tough business dilemma, consider these strategies to get unstuck.

Think of a business idea you keep coming back to that never gets off the ground. Or, maybe you’re struggling with a tough business decision and no matter what you choose, there’s something to lose. You find yourself in limbo.

“We get stuck between two choices when we have a desire to do something, but the fears — fear of the unknown, risk, failure, success — keep us stuck and unable to move forward,” says Larina Kase, a cognitive-behavioral psychologist and author of The Confident Leader (McGraw-Hill, 2008) “The heart and the head are in conflict.”

Most of us revert to listing pros and cons, but the exercise rarely helps. “We continue to be stuck because the pros and cons for each choice are roughly equal or because there are too many variables,” Kase says. “There are so many considerations on both sides that it can become paralyzing.”

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