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How to beat CEO burnout

Anyone can have a bad day. But when you’re the boss, you need to figure out how to get your energy back.

“I get up every day excited about my company, my work, my customers, and what we are doing!”

Do you say this? How often? And: Is this how you really feel?

I confess, I say it almost all the time – but I mean it less often than I say it. There are times when I just get tired of being CEO. It’s not often, but let’s face it: Being CEO is a hard job. When it stays hard for a while, that’s when I get tired.

The causes, I think, are common: I worry over suppliers, employees, customers, cashflow, regulation–and the fact that everything takes too *&^% long! These frustrations are pretty typical of most small and midsize companies. Even if you have a very small business with almost no staff, there are times when day-to-day concerns can wear you out.

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