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How to attract top candidates without posting to job boards

Everyone else is flocking online to find new employees. Here are five ways you can uncover superstar job candidates without visiting a single site.

In his book The Roadmap to Freedom, peak performance expert Chris McIntyre describes how to build a core team of superstars that will help you lead your company to the next level. In this edited excerpt, the author details the five ways you can uncover superstar candidates offline.

Yes, social media can connect you with potential superstars. But don’t forget about the face-to-face approach either. Here are a few ways you can find superstar talent offline.

1. Make Superstars Look for You
Getting noticed by the best happens more when you’re the best. Imagine what life would be like if superstar employees were begging to work for you. If they’re not, I challenge you to figure out why.

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