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Holmes a Court creates new buzz for social media

Australian businesses that use social media can now track relevant conversations across a range of settings, with the release of a new monitoring platform.

BuzzNumbersBuzzNumbers, a social media analytics provider, has created the social media monitoring platform BuzzV8 to help businesses track what is being said about their brand and where these conversations are taking place. The platform is able to track conversation topic, sentiment, geographic location and geography.

BuzzV8 provides Australian brands with true actionable insights from online conversations, says founder Nick Holmes a Court.

“Where traditionally you would have needed to commission time consuming, expensive market research to understand this type of data BuzzNumbers and social media put these insights at your finger tips instantly,” Mr Holmes a Court said.

BuzzV8 provides businesses with real-time data coverage and instant web research gathered from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube as well as over 10,000 news sites, more than 500 million blogs, all major Australian Forums, and more than 15,000 global forums. The platform converts its findings into easy-to-read custom analysis reports.

Research derived from BuzzV8 can help companies answer the age-old question of whether customers are happy with a product, as well as why, Mr Holmes a Court told smartcompany.com.au.

“Companies have always asked question like, are customers happy with our product? Is there a swing in customer dissatisfaction around our services or refund process or claim process?”

“We’ve always been doing these things using traditional processes. The web provided a new source of information for us to better understand that and the explosion of customer communications on social media has only fuelled the opportunity for businesses to better understand their customers,” Mr Holmes a Court told smartcompany.com.au.

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