Health fears have consumers reaching for landlines over mobiles

Over half of us grab our landline phones over mobiles as a result of a World Health Organisation warning about the potential link between mobile phones and cancer, according to a new survey.

Canstar Blue found 1 in 2 of us pick up our landline over our mobile phone to make calls because of health concerns.

According to manager Rebecca Logan, baby boomers are the most cautious of all generations, with the research finding they’re most likely to choose a landline over a mobile, compared with 46 percent of Generation Y respondents.

“It is clear public perception of mobile phone health has heightened in Australia since the WHO placed mobile phones in the same category as insecticide DDT and petrol engine exhaust when it came to a possible link to cancer on 31 May, 2011.”

The survey also found 82 percent of consumers use their home phone over Skype for calls, with Baby Boomers the least likely to use Skype of any generation.

The most popular cordless phone brand was Uniden, followed by Telstra, Oricom and Panasonic.

Uniden was voted number one by its cordless customers not only for overall satisfaction but also for ease of use and phone features.

“Interestingly, the results showed cordless phone customers are happy to pay extra for the best product and are aren’t as concerned with battery life as they are with other phone features,” Logan added.

Do you believe there’s a link between mobile phone use and cancer? Has this changed the way you use your mobile?

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