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Greens urge Aussies to ‘have say’ on emissions trading

The Greens are urging everyday Australians to ‘have their say’ about the Government’s planned emissions trading scheme.

In strong opposition to the “deeply flawed” emissions trading plans, the Greens want you to submit your views on the plan directly to the Senate.

According to the Greens in a statement on their website, The Government’s plan would, “ undermine existing policies to move Australia to renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean transport, and lock out the option of achieving deep cuts in greenhouse emissions.”

The Greens have established a ‘Senate Inquiry into Climate Policy’ which will report on how adequate the scheme is, along with discussing alternative measures that they feel may “more effectively put Australia on track to transforming ourselves into a carbon neutral powerhouse.”

Submissions are due by April 8 and should be sent to the Greens ‘Have your say.’

Let us know below how you feel about the Government’s planned emissions trading scheme.

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