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Google found guilty of misleading Australian Android users about location data

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Google to launch new AI features in workspace

Google Workspace is set to roll out a range of exciting features aimed at enhancing productivity in the hybrid work environment.

As professionals adapt to the “new normal” of working from both the office and home, Google has been working tirelessly to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to tackle the challenges of information overload and optimize collaboration.

Among the forthcoming additions to Google Workspace is “Portrait restore,” a groundbreaking feature powered by Google AI technology. This innovative tool will enhance video quality during Google Meet calls, even under less-than-ideal conditions such as dimly lit rooms or outdated webcams. By automatically improving the visual clarity of participants, Portrait restore ensures a seamless and professional experience.

Another notable addition is “Portrait light,” which harnesses the power of machine learning to replicate the quality of studio lighting in video feeds. Users will have the flexibility to adjust lighting positions and brightness, creating an aesthetically pleasing and professional appearance during video conferences.

To improve audio quality, Google Workspace will introduce “de-reverberation,” a cutting-edge technology that filters out echoes in spaces with hard surfaces. This feature aims to recreate the ambiance of a well-equipped conference room, regardless of the actual location of participants, even if they happen to be in their basements.

In a bid to foster real-time collaboration, Google Workspace will introduce “live sharing” capabilities. This functionality enables synchronized content sharing during Google Meet calls, granting participants control over the media being presented. Whether working from the office or remotely, all individuals will have simultaneous visibility and audibility, ensuring seamless collaboration.

Building upon the success of automated built-in summaries for Google Docs, Google Workspace will extend this feature to “Spaces.” Users will receive digest-style summaries of conversations, allowing them to quickly catch up on important discussions they may have missed.

Addressing the need for meeting accessibility, Google Workspace plans to introduce automated transcriptions of Google Meet meetings. This feature will empower individuals to swiftly review meeting content, even if they were unable to attend in person.

Moreover, Google aims to enhance the security of its productivity tools by extending many of the robust security measures utilized in Gmail to Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets. By leveraging advanced threat detection capabilities, users will receive automatic alerts when attempting to access documents containing phishing links or malware, safeguarding their digital environment.

With these exciting updates on the horizon, Google Workspace is poised to redefine productivity and collaboration in the hybrid work era, empowering professionals to thrive in their respective work environments.

For a deeper dive into all the new AI capabilities coming to Google Workspace, head over to the Cloud blog for more details.

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Yajush Gupta

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