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Google+ a ghost town? Hardly

Not only is Google+ not deserted, it might be a better platform for business than Facebook and Twitter. Here’s why.

Every social media-savvy tech entrepreneur with any digital credibility is on Twitter. But according to tech pundit Robert Scoble, maybe you need not be: Twitter is fast approaching the status of ghost town.

You should really be on Google+ instead, Scoble says. (And probably Facebook, too.) If you’re one of the many who’s thought the exact opposite, here’s a breakdown of why the Google+ community is more engaged than you think.

Google+ vs. Facebook vs. Twitter

G+ and Facebook, at least at this point, aren’t drawing the same kinds of users.

As you well know, Facebook is a good place to keep up with family, friends and acquaintances. In fact, one G+ user who responded to Scoble’s post calls Facebook “a school reunion that never ended.”

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