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Getting the best staff for your business

Dynamic Business spoke to the GHM Group general manager Angela Gallagher about how she always ensures she gets the best staff for her many hotels, and how the temporary employment service OneShift helps her do it.

Like many businesses in hospitality, the Gallagher Hotels of the GHM Group are constantly sourcing new staff to keep up with the demand that the busy hotels need to meet. In order to get some assistance, Gallagher turned to the services of OneShift to help recruit the professional staff she needed to fill a variety of positions.

What are your staff needs?

Given that we have seven hotels we require a huge range of staff across all divisions including chefs, bar staff, supervisors, management level and wait staff. For us employment, and more importantly, recruiting the right person, is an ongoing issue. Not necessarily because we’ve had a stream of bad candidates, but more so because we are determined to always find the right person.

Do you need specially trained staff?

Absolutely! As well as specially trained staff, we also have a specific calibre of employees that we’re looking for. Without a doubt, there are always going to be different standards, but that’s part of our challenge.

How often do you need emergency staff?

Thankfully, not too often, however when we do we often need them instantly. For example, we recently had a big launch event, and through no fault of their own, one of our key employees had to go home to visit an ill family member. This has an immediate implication on the logistics of the event and ultimately the overall success. With few options at such short notice, we used OneShift and managed to find someone within only a couple of hours. Not only was the event a success, but we have kept the candidate on for casual shifts here and there.

How often have you used OneShift?

Thankfully, not too often on an ’emergency’ basis, however, we have begun using OneShift as a recruitment tool to hire ongoing staff ongoing rather than for one single shift.

What’s been your experience with them so far? 

Brilliant. OneShift is user friendly, and best of all, it’s instant. You will have applicants in moments.

Why is a service like OneShift helpful to your business?

As I’m sure is the case for many businesses, particularly those in the hospitality industry, we are extremely time poor. OneShift being so user friendly means that we can instantly search for additional staff. In addition, as previously mentioned, we are now looking to OneShift as an employment tool for more permanent positions.

Do you think it suits most business types?

Most certainly! Anyone in need of staff, whether it be planned, or in an emergency, OneShift has available candidates in all fields of work.

Would you recommend OneShift to others?

I already have to other publicans and restaurants, and I will certainly continue doing so.

What do you think?

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