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Get closer to key customers

What are you offering that will maintain and strengthen your relationships with your key accounts?

In the old days, you developed relationships with customers through shared experiences. Golf, hunting, fishing, sporting events, meals–all bonding opportunities. But things have changed a lot. These types of activities are fading in favor. Rules, lack of time and money–as well as the old system’s strong whiff of sexism–have dramatically curtailed these events.

In a busy world where connections are often more digital than in person, meetings are shorter and entertainment is often either prohibited or time constrained, you need new strategies. To keep connected to the senior decision-makers of a customer and following the guidelines of what is permissible, I recommend the following five connection strategies.

1. Quarterly Business Reviews

By creating a periodic account review with real analysis, insight and recommendations, you can stay connected to your most important decision-makers in your key accounts. To get attendance and participation from the more senior people, there needs to be a promise of value; a simple review of performance and outstanding issues will not bring the senior most people to the meeting.

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