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Four reasons you can’t execute

Feeling like you just can’t get things done? Use these ideas to figure out what’s slowing you down.

Stop and think for a moment. How many great decisions have you made this year that never got off the ground? Do you feel that you and your team are coming up with smart, competition-beating ideas, but you’ve lost the ability to execute on those ideas?

If you’re missing the sense of achievement that comes from translating ideas into results-delivering reality, then chances are, it’s because of one or more of these four reasons:

1. You have no idea how decisions are really made. Whether you manage a business, division, department, project, or team, you have to understand the path of information. How does information arrive into the group, how is it processed, and how is it turned into action? Understanding this process is the single most crucial determinant of your ability to execute.

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