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FlightPortal helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint online

As climate change has become a critical focus for business today, Climate Friendly has developed GoldPower and FlightPortal to enable global companies to take real, meaningful and immediate action to reduce carbon emissions. 

GoldPower is a voluntary global renewable energy certificate that meets the highest international standards and creates carbon savings that can be reported under international obligations such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and the Global Reporting Initiative.

“GoldPower is unique as it allows companies to implement a single, global strategy for sourcing renewable energy. It is also 100 percent emission savings certified which makes it superior to conventional green power products that do not give the buyer rights to carbon emissions reductions,” says Freddy Sharpe, CEO of Climate Friendly.

“GoldPower has also been recognised for its innovation by winning an award for the ‘biggest, boldest and most exciting idea’ at the recent 2009 Carbon Market Expo.”

The other new offering from Climate Friendly is its world-first FlightPortal program that provides a simple, automated way for global companies to calculate, track, report and offset their flight emissions.

“We are focused on quality and innovation and our revolutionary FlightPortal program for managing carbon from business flights is no exception. For the first time companies can now manage global flight emissions in a simple automated way,” says Sharpe.

FlightPortal automates the collection of corporate flight data and the calculation of the related carbon footprint. Emissions can then be immediately offset using Climate Friendly’s premium quality carbon credits; detailed reporting of all flight emissions can then be used to support a sustainable travel policy.

“After the talks in Copenhagen failed to reach a commitment on carbon emissions, there is little option left for companies but to take voluntary action.  We have created these solutions to help companies take easy steps to cut carbon. We believe now is the time to stop talking and start acting,” concludes Sharpe.

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