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Five ways to stand out in Google Search

Your online presence is lacking if you are not doing these five things.

Does your brand stand out in search results? These five reasons may account for why your brand is not showing up at the top of search queries.

1. Your Website Content is Old and Unremarkable

What trust and value would you give a colleague who is telling you something about your market that was news three years ago? Fresh and relevant content attracts users as well as search engines. Too many businesses and brands allow their websites to stagnate by not regularly adding content. Your content doesn’t have to be ‘cool’ to be compelling – it has to be quickened by a living passion, curiosity and desire to celebrate something in this world. In other words, it’s okay to ‘geek out.’ Create content that’s fresh, relevant and remarkable.

2. Your Website Doesn’t Speak the Search Engines’ Language

Building your site using Flash or Javascript is just like running an ad in The New York Times written in Mandarin Chinese–search engines just won’t get it! If a search engine can’t read your content, you are irrelevant. Many design departments insist on using Flash or Javascript for the beauty and flexibility they offer. However, the shiny bobbles once reserved only for Flash websites can now be done through HTML 5.0 in a search engine friendly way. So, now there are no more excuses! Download Google’s guidelines for search engine optimisation and hand this over to your development team. Treat this document as a guiding light for your website code and you’ll be speaking in the same language as Google and Bing in no time!

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