Fitness fanatics want fewer contracts and more Facebook

Fitness industry customers want no-fixed contract memberships, and more communication on Facebook, according to a recent 2010 Australian Fitness Industry Survey.

Fitness FacebookThe survey, based on the responses of over 420 owners and managers in the fitness industry and over 7000 members, found that biggest industry trend is the development and implementation of ‘no contract’ terms.

Nearly 50 percent of people who had expired memberships indicate that they would be motivated to renew if they were given the option of ‘no contract’ terms.

The rise in popularity of unrestricted membership means that more business need to adopt unfixed terms to stay attractive to customers, according to Director at Fit n Fast Gym Tony De Leede.

“We have decided to go down the route of no contracts with our members,” says Tony De Leede, Director at Fit n Fast. “Through a combination of easy payment facilities and no contract we are finding that people are more inclined to take up memberships.”

Communicating using social media sites is another popular way to increase membership and keep people attending the gym.

Facebook is the most used social media tool by members at 61 percent, with 40.5 percent of fitness owners reporting that Facebook fan pages are the most useful and most used forms of social media connectivity.

Fit n Fast Gyms have just released online membership signup to their gyms via Facebook. Fans can now engage with other fitness members and the gym staff as well as take advantage of a one-stop-application to take up membership and maintain their details.

Facebook is helping Fit n Fast Gyms attract a whole new customer base, according to CEO of Fit n Fast, Nic Monteforte.

“Facebook has really proved to be a great way to connect with our market and to be able to provide them with the most convenient way to manage their membership has just increased the value of the application for us.”

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