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The business-to-business market is still alive and well, according to the inaugural Information Resource Development (IRD) Sales Lead Index. The lead generation company released the first four quarters of results for the index, showing that 2008 presented more than 27,000 business sales opportunities.

The main reasons for future spending were in the areas of general launches (6,092 leads), mergers and acquisitions (2,360 leads) and expansion plans (1,702 leads).

“More than 2,000 mergers and acquisitions were announced. In sales prospecting terms, that’s a lead for change management consultants, IT integration and collaboration specialists, events firms, PR, marketing and more; 1,645 companies announced the future opening of stores, interstate offices, hiring of more people. The common thread – they need to spend on infrastructure,” said Matt Skinner, managing director of IRD.

Despite the financial crisis, the finance industry still had the most activity, followed by the retail and travel sectors respectively.

“There will always be sales opportunities for those savvy enough to spot the spenders and chase them. Those that keep their pipeline full of businesses that have a need to spend will be in a solid position in 2009,” said Skinner.

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Adeline Teoh

Adeline Teoh

Adeline Teoh is a journalist with more than a decade of publishing experience in the fields of business, education, travel, health, and project management. She has specialised in business since 2003.

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