Financial crisis delays women having kids

The financial crisis has been blamed for women delaying having children as they fret about job security and the cost of raising children in an unstable economy.

A number of Australian women took part in a national Contraception, Relationships and Sexuality survey in July, that sought the reasons why some women delay having children. Over 60 percent cited “economic concerns” as the reasons for delaying having children, while 40 percent cited their career as being too important, and 37 percent said they has not found the right partner.

The survey also found that just 15 percent of women wanted to have a child “right now”, and 20 percent said they did not want children.

Commenting on the survey results, Anne Hollonds, chief executive of Relationships Australia (NSW) said many young women have a lot more choices today, especially in terms of their careers, and having a baby is not a priority. However, she said women who are considering having kids in the future must plan ahead.

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