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FileMaker launches Bento 3 Family Organizer Kit

FileMaker, Inc. today announced the Bento 3 Family Organizer, a fast, free and easy way for families to get organized using their Mac, an iPhone or new iPad, once it is released in Australia.

Bento 3Bento 3 Family Organiser includes a free 30-day trial of Bento 3 , the latest version of the personal database that’s as easy to use as your Mac, plus beautifully designed templates that organize bills, meal planning, shopping lists, chores and weekly routines—all within Bento.

For families who worry over whether they have missed a bill, or are frustrated because they constantly recreate shopping lists, meal plans, chore charts and weekly family events, the Bento 3 Family Organizer is the answer.

“Organizing a household is challenging for all of us. From paying bills to shopping, planning meals and other responsibilities, it’s a major job,” said Steve McManus, Regional Manager, Asia Pacific, FileMaker, Inc. “The Family Organizer, together with Bento 3, helps make the task of organizing a busy family much easier.”

The Bento 3 Family Organizer is designed to work with Bento 3, which has received numerous media accolades including an Editor’s Pick award from Macworld. Bento 3 adds useful new features such as Grid View, integration with iPhoto, sharing data with others on a local network and securing data with 128-bit AES encryption. The Bento 3 Family Organizer also works with Bento for iPhone and the soon to be released in Australia Bento for iPad , so customers can organize their bills, shopping lists and other family management activities on an iPhone or iPad and then synchronize the information with their Mac.

FileMaker also provides the Bento Template Exchange , offering hundreds of additional ways to use Bento. The Bento Template Exchange is a Bento community site that showcases real-world uses and offers Bento templates that users can browse, download and import into Bento 3 and use on a Mac, iPhone or iPad. Today, Bento users have created and shared over 600 templates on the Bento Template Exchange.

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