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Family friendly cash boost for small business

Workplace Minister Julia Gilliard has launched a $12 million plan offering small business grants of between $5,000 and $15,000 to make their workplace more family friendly.

The proposed grants have been designed to help retain staff in the economic downturn, along with boosting productivity and promoting family values in the workplace.

Gillard said the grants will encourage businesses to implement “innovative solutions to the work and family challenge.”

The money will be on offer until April 24 and will be offered to businesses who implement family friendly policies including: rosters based around school terms and child friendly hours, job sharing opportunities, unpaid leave for carers, along with family friendly facilities.

Despite this positive step, critics are still pushing the government to implement a paid maternity leave scheme. Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick has said that paid maternity leave will also improve productivity and boost the economy in the short term by providing parents with additional cash.

The government have stalled in their efforts to introduce a paid maternity scheme, citing a slowing economy as the reason behind the decision.

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Jessica Stanic

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