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Employees lose faith in their leaders

A survey conducted by rogenSi Australia has found that employees are quickly losing faith in the abilities of their leaders.

The Global Mindset Survey of more than 2,000 employees worldwide has found that the global economic downturn has impacted the mindset of the global workforce creating a “crisis of confidence” in business leaders according to rogenSi director, Dr Clark Perry.

“Many employees are losing belief in the ability of their organisation to be successful.”

Younger employees (25-35 years old) in particular have lost faith in their leaders and in their organisation as a whole, believing there is not enough skill, strategy, teamwork or leadership to successfully manage the challenges ahead.

According to rogenSi, leaders must learn to adapt their leadership styles in times of adversity and pay extra attention to ensuring their team members are clear about the tasks on which they should be focusing.

“Leaders need to find new ways to connect with and inspire their people,” said Dr Perry.

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