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Driving your small business to corporate style efficiency

The perception that only large fleets benefit from outsourcing their fleet management is starting to be challenged. Many fleet management providers are now offering their services to the SME industry.

SME’s tend to stick to fuel cards as their only fleet management tool, a powerful tool nonetheless but only the tip of the iceberg in terms of efficient fleet management. There are various components of fleet management that can also be outsourced to the advantage of small business owners looking to cut costs and administration time.Fuel Guage

Small business’s can now receive the same benefits that large corporations have enjoyed for years, with fleet management providers unlocking the potential of the SME market by offering fleet management solutions tailored for the small business market.

Maintenance Scheduling

By outsourcing maintenance scheduling to a fleet management company your business can benefit in numerous ways;

  • Reduce time spent on administration and organising; giving you more time to run your business and concentrate on what really matters.
  • Make sure your vehicles are always running at their best, avoiding expensive costs or repairs down the road and maintaining re-sale value.
  • All the headaches of maintaining your warranty are removed, they will select appropriate repairers when required and organise the repair.
    • This becomes especially important after a breakdown or accident when most people forget about obtaining an authorised supplier.
  • The OH&S benefits are just as important as the financial returns of investing in maintenance scheduling.
    • Covering your business from major incidents in the future by detecting maintenance issues early on.

Road Side Assistance & Accident Management

By going with a fleet management company the whole process of incident management is outsourced, including the hassle and time spent dealing with repairers, not to mention significant indirect costs of employee downtime and administration involved in getting the car back on the road.

In the event of a breakdown some fleet management providers will even connect your driver through to family members, friends or business associates to notify them of any possible delays This just highlights how outsourcing roadside assistance and accident management removes the pain and effort of co-ordinating breakdowns, while reducing vehicle & driver downtime.


Rather than looking at several different invoices from various suppliers every month, a fleet management company can consolidate your entire vehicle operating costs into a single monthly invoice, smoothing the payment cycle, allowing accurate budget allocation. Again, there are substantial indirect savings here in relation to employee time spent balancing budgets and processing payments and often having to deal directly with numerous different suppliers for these tasks.

Fringe benefit tax reporting is also made easier under the care of a fleet management provider. They assist in keeping you on track with all your FBT responsibilities so that you are well prepared and ready come tax time

With all this administration taken care of you can concentrate on the more important parts of running your business.

Champagne on a Beer Budget

All this service comes at a lower price than you would think, with fleet management providers discovering the untapped value of the SME market, maintenance and administration costs have been lowered to meet smaller business expectations.

Small business owners can now access the perks of the large corporate fleet customers and streamline their business processes while reducing operating costs. If you have a fleet of two vehicles or more you can qualify for a fully outsourced fleet management solution.

To find out more about Fleetcare’s SME fleet solution, Fleetpro, call 1300 655 170 or visit fleetcare.com.au

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