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Domino’s Pizza’s saucy brand makeover

Domino’s Pizza is is rolling out a change to it’s core pizza product offering, with 3,750 tonnes of tomato sauce and a new advertising campaign hitting consumers today.

Dominos PizzaThe Domino’s Pizza recipe has remained unchanged for almost 50 years says Domino’s CEO Don Meij “Our new tomato sauce has sweeter, bolder tomatoes with a medley of 40% more herbs and a little red pepper zing. You’ll see what all the hype is about as soon as you give it a try.”

“We are an iconic brand. We innovate. We lead. In order to continue our success for another 50 years, Domino’s has ditched our 50 year old sauce and created one that tastes better than before, resulting in a major taste change to our core product, pizza,” Meij said.

Meij said the reformulation was one of the biggest moves in the company’s 50-year history, and was inspired by its consumer critics.

“Customer have spoken loud and clear, we have been listening to their feedback and the fact is, as times change, so do consumer tastes. We’ve created a new sauce to reflect what consumers are looking for.

“Over the past 18 months we have been completely reinventing the Domino’s brand and our menu offerings. Around 80 per cent of the Domino’s menu is new since 2008, with the addition of our Big Taste Range, Pastas, Choc Lava Cakes, Oven Baked Sandwiches and most recently our healthy Good Choice Range. Switching our 50 year old sauce recipe for a new one is just the next step to take Domino’s into the new decade.

Last year Domino’s spent $2million launching their Good Choice Range of pizzas, which cast the brand in a healthier light, sponsoring the Channel 10 show The Biggest Loser Australia amid much criticism. This retooling of the Domino’s brand has been a long time coming, but today’s announcement looks like the final piece in the brand’s makeover.

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