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CSIRO is accepting applications for a free 10-week R&D programme for SMEs in the energy sector

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s scientific organisation, has opened applications for a free 10-week programme called Innovate To Grow. 

This gives businesses the opportunity to identify the R&D opportunities required to capitalise on Australia’s energy transition.

The CSIRO’s ‘Innovation to Grow Energy’ programme will help 30 energy-related businesses gain the skills needed to bring an idea to market by leveraging the power of research and development. 

Small to medium-sized businesses looking to help solve tomorrow’s energy challenges are invited to apply for an upcoming tailored programme run by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, aimed at assisting businesses in building their R&D capabilities.

“The energy sector, in particular, will see continued change over the coming years and there are huge opportunities for businesses to be part of the country’s energy transition, in areas such as EV (electric vehicle) charging, household solar, energy storage and other low emission technologies,” Dr Feast said.

“For many businesses, getting involved in R&D for the first time can be a daunting prospect – this course helps businesses build key skills, from refining innovation opportunities and understanding how to partner with research organisations, to developing compelling and competitive funding applications.

Dr George Feast believes that businesses can help bridge the gap between research and commercialisation so that more of these technologies can be translated into real-world applications.

Program detail

This programme will assist SME owners in identifying their company’s R&D needs and guiding them through the process of turning this into a research and development opportunity. 

They will also be exposed to industry knowledge, hear from experts in innovation and industry, and work with a sector or R&D mentor.

Who can apply

Small to medium-sized businesses invited to apply should be either:

  • interested in understanding their research and development (R&D) opportunities
  • are in the early decision-making stages about engaging in an R&D project with a research organisation but are not quite sure where to start.
  • Ideally working in one of the following sub-sectors (however applications outside of these sub-sectors are also welcome to apply): Hydrogen; Energy storage and batteries; Energy data systems; Low emissions tech and Energy resources.

Selection criteria (essential): 

  • An Australian registered and operating business.
  • A business is classified as small to medium (less than 200 employees).
  • A business currently, or in the early stages of, exploring R&D opportunities for their business.

Other considerations:

  • Currently working, or interested in expanding into the energy sector.
  • Any other information provided to support your application.
  • Have a clear need to develop your skills in R&D.

According to Stephen Wee, Director of Beyond H2, the program’s results could lead to an immediate solution to long-term challenges in hydrogen transportation and storage by converting green hydrogen into methane using waste biogas.

CSIRO is accepting applications for a free 10-week R&D programme for SMEs in the energy sector

“As a tech start-up, we recognise that energy-efficient and cost-effective processes to integrate renewables with existing energy systems are the most prominent and immediate pathway to accelerate Australia’s mission towards net zero-emission and contribute to the country’s energy transition,” Mr Wee said.

“Thanks to the support of CSIRO’s Kick-Start program, we were able to work with world-class researchers to commercialise innovation in advancing the promise of technology. It also helps us find a commercial pathway to fully unleash the great potential of renewable hydrogen in near future.”

CSIRO’s ‘Innovate to Grow: Energy’ program is open until Monday 23 May and commences on 16 June. 

To apply, visit: https://www.csiro.au/en/work-with-us/funding-programs/programs/innovate-to-grow

Download the flyer

Innovate to Grow: Energy flyer PDF (211 KB)

Innovate to Grow: Energy TXT (4 KB)
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