Consumers reject Bonds

Consumers are turning their backs on Bonds, following parent company Pacific Brands decision to slash 1850 Australian jobs from it’s Bonds and King Gee operations and send them overseas.

According to a report on Sky News Online, online retailer’s sales have dropped substantially since the announcement and major retailers have been forced to launch advertisement campaigns to keep the brand popular.

Pacific Brands caused outrage when they announced they would be moving it’s local manufacturing offshore to China. Pacific Brands chief executive Sue Morphet, defended the decision claiming it was her job to cut manufacturing roles in order to save another 7,000 Australia jobs.

“The rest of the company is propping up the local manufacturing and we can’t afford for that anymore,” she said.

“A company such as ours has to make itself more flexible and one of the things that we can’t afford is the luxury of local manufacturing.”

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