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Consumers back Government’s national broadband network

The Rudd Government’s proposed $43 billion National Broadband Network has come under fire in recent months from the Opposition, along with a number of industry groups; however, new research has shown that the majority of everyday Australians have given the Rudd Government the green light, backing the plan.

Essential Research’s weekly survey found that 54 percent of Australians approve of the public-private partnership to build a national broadband network, and 16 percent strong agree with the plans.

Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull has heavily criticised the Government’s broadband plans in the past, believing there is already an appropriate broadband network in place and that the new system will create more debt for families already struggling.

“What does it say about the Prime Minister that he is prepared to stand up and say he will invest $43 billion of taxpayers’ money in a project for which he provides not one skerrick of financial detail?”

Despite his strong opposition, the survey revealed that 62 percent of participants are happy with the way the Rudd Government is handling the state of the economy, believing that Australia’s economy is performing better than its counterparts.

Of those, 23 percent said the country’s performance was due to a well regulated finance and banking sector, and 19 percent pointed towards the underlying strength of Australia’s economic system.

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