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Credit: Nareeta Martin

Aussie businesses called on to Clean Up

Not-for-profit Australian environmental conservation organisation Clean Up Australia has its sights on the country’s business sector.

You know about Clean Up Australia Day, but how about Business Clean Up Day? Clean Up Australia has a business-focused initiative to allow organisations of all sizes to support local communities, increase team cohesion, and demonstrate corporate social responsibility by helping clean up the environment.

Clean Up Australia has set up a range of new ways for businesses to take part, particularly in response to COVID-19. Businesses can take on one-off clean up events, host competitive multi-site corporate challenges or book virtual team-building sessions that aim to inspire and motivate employees to reduce their environmental impact.

“With an increase in single-use plastics and disposable items during lockdown periods, there has never been a better time for Australian organisations to Step Up and look for impactful ways to support our communities,” said Clean Up Australia Chairman, Pip Kiernan.

“This year, we also want Australian businesses to Step Up and think about the positive changes they can make for the environment every day, whether that’s reducing single-use plastics, using packaging with recycled content or reviewing procurement policies – every small change helps.”

Business Clean Up Day is on Tuesday, 2nd March 2021.

Clean Up Australia says 100% of funds raised go towards the provision of free resources and clean up materials to schools, youth groups and communities.

You can learn more about Business Clean Up Day at cleanup.org.au/business

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