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CEO secrets for a worry-free holiday

Checking out completely (or almost) is not only good for you: It’s better for your team, too. Use these tricks to delegate the right way.

The hot, sticky days of summer may have you drifting away from your computer screen and looking out your office window in anticipation of your upcoming vacation.

We’ve all heard about the importance of really “turning off” while you’re away on vacation. It’s common advice – that in order to really recharge and be more productive and energised when you return to work, you need to let yourself unwind, enjoy your time off, and detach.

But let’s face it: It’s easier said than done, especially when you’re running a business and managing a team. Technology has made it far too easy to scroll through email, jump on “just one” conference call, and tune in remotely to the hum of the workday.

Hurting Your Team?

I believe that you’re not only doing yourself a disfavour by staying connected – you’re also hurting your teams and those who work for you.

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