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Carbon Tax passes through lower house

“It’s been a difficult debate but the debate is now concluded,” Prime Minister Julia Gillard said yesterday as the climate change bills were passed in the lower house of Parliament.

The $23-a-tonne carbon tax is set to start in mid-2012 before transforming into a true ETS in mid-2015, according to AAP.

“This has been an ugly and very long debate and we congratulate those who backed this legislation in the House of Representatives,” Climate Institute chief executive John Connor said.

Praising the tax, Connor said there would be immeasurable benefits that would assist in creating a more competitive Australian economy.

Opposition Leader, Tony Abbot did not show the same excitement at the passing of the bill, pledging that a coalition government will repeal the carbon price, no matter what.

“This is a pledge in blood…We can get rid of it, we will get rid of it, we must get rid of it,” he said.

Prime Minister Gillard responded, “For Tony Abbott this is all about the politics and political theatre. People should not take his assertions about repeal seriously. They don’t deserve to be believed.”

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Lucy Cormack

Lucy Cormack

Lucy is 20-year-old student at the University of Technology Sydney, currently completing a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism). She has previously worked with Pedestrian TV and student publications within UTS, and is now a Dynamic Business intern. Lucy is also a professional cellist and performs across Sydney when she's not writing.

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