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Go green with carbon accounting for small business

Small business looking to manage their carbon footprint, whether competing for a government tender or greening your corporate image have a new option in Carbon Planet’s G3MS Lite software.

Carbon Accounting for GrowthAccurate carbon accounting has always been considered expensive and inaccessible for small businesses, despite the value placed on it by both customers and business clients. Recognising this need in the market has led Carbon Planet, to convert its Greenhouse Emissions Measure Manage Minimise Suite (G3MS) into a version specifically tailored for small businesses ‘G3MS Lite’.

Carbon Planet and its accounting partners have used the G3MS software to measure and minimise carbon emissions and help clients comply with legislative reporting requirements. Carbon Planet’s in-house, qualified and experienced scientists, software engineers and business analysts developed G3MS Lite in Australia. G3MS Lite is a simplified version, purpose-built for the needs of small businesses, while still incorporating the original G3MS sophistication of data processing and calculation.

“Being environmentally conscious is responsible business management for any size company, and for small businesses in particular, adopting environmentally responsible practices has been a challenge – until now,” said Paul Smith, Head of Marketing at Carbon Planet.

“Aside from the appeal to customers and clients of dealing with a carbon-friendly business, environmentally responsible business practices can also create value by reducing costs, enhancing brand value, providing a competitive advantage and targeting areas where efficiency could be increased. Ultimately, dealing with emissions is still cheap, easy and considered as being ahead of the curve.

“In addition this is a valuable tool as more and more small businesses are being asked to report their emissions when submitting a new business tender. This is particularly true when dealing with government organisations,” said Smith.

G3MS Lite costs $99 including GST per annual license. This cost includes easy step-by-step instructions and email support. Training workshops and access to Carbon Planet’s E-Library are available at additional costs. To purchase G3MS Lite go to www.CarbonPlanet.com.au/Shop/G3MS

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