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Businesses are cutting costs and expanding to the cloud: report

Virtual technology and pay-as-you-go business services are the key to effectively cutting business costs while simultaneously spurring growth, a new survey has revealed.

Cloud computing has come out on top in a new report by Regus, with 43 percent of Australian businesses opting for the virtual world in an effort to save money as well as expand.

Regus regional vice president for ANZ and SE Asia William Willems believes in this current economic environment, businesses are keeping one eye on new opportunities and the other on their bottom line.

“Clearly businesses are keen to embrace cost-saving measures, and if they can implement this while facilitating growth it really is a win-win situation,” he said.

“Companies are investigating smarter ways to build agility into their operations. Pay-as-you-go is top of mind in these circumstances, be it through using more cloud applications or moving to a flexible workplace model,” he added.

Other potential areas for saving included: having a shorter supply chain, reducing the reliance on fixed workspaces and encouraging sales through third parties.

“There is a big opportunity for businesses, both small and large, to embrace these measures in their quest for effective ways to expand,” Willems said.

A recent CIO survey conducted by Telsyte found more than half of Australian businesses are already using cloud technology and 35 percent are considering a private cloud solution.

“With pay-as-you go solutions readily available on the market for both the Cloud and for flexible workspace arrangements, there is no doubt that the number of businesses benefiting from more nimble and scalable arrangements will increase in the coming years,” Willems added.

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Claire Hibbit

Claire Hibbit

Claire Hibbit is an intern at Dynamic Business and has just completed a Bachelor of Journalism, majoring in Communication and Media Management from the University of South Australia. She enjoys all things media and travelling.

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