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Business process management improves efficiency

While businesses are now aware of Business Process Management (BPM), only half are actually committed to using automated systems to improve efficiency.

According to a recent University of Western Sydney (UWS) study, businesses are still using programs such as PowerPoint because there are few employees with the necessary training.

Business owners will no longer be able to manage their organisation in the global economy using traditional functional-focus management styles, says Dash Forghani, from the UWS Centre for Innovation and Industry Studies. “Now the supply chain processes transcend companies and even countries, shifting management focus from functions to processes,” adds Forghani. “This change represents a paradigm shift in both management approach and technological solutions.”

While businesses agree that BPM can increase competitiveness, only a minority are using the technology for more sophisticated business processes, such a supply chain management, sales and marketing.

“Lack of finance and time, and shortage of appropriate skills have been identified as major factors hindering the use of BPM,” says Dr Vijay Khandelwal, of UWS.
Visit www.uws.edu.au/cinis/bpm for the full report.

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