Business management solution customised overnight

VKTEK Communications, a national business telecommunications service provider, customised an in-house business management solution with the developers behind JobPro Central – overnight.

The custom software provides many additional functions on top of the standard version of JobPro Central, which coordinates business processes such as contacts, job and time management, budgeting and order processing. Following an analysis of their systems, VKTEK presented a list of requirements to developer Stuart Grimes and the customised version was ready within hours.

Srecko Vukadinovic, Partner at VKTEK Communications, says the custom software allows the company to utilise JobPro Central in-line with existing processes.

“JobPro had all the basic functionality we needed,” he says. “It couldn’t quite match our own system, but after talking to the developer, we realised we could get customisation done to meet our particular needs.”

The company had been struggling with problems within their current systems, including unreliable support, lack of integration with their accounting software, limited functions and frequent crashes. JobPro Central is now able to co-ordinate many of VKTEK’s processes into one coherent system, resulting in a more efficient and reliable workflow.

“We use the package for monitoring jobs, chasing up outstanding invoices, emailing and storing documents,” says Vukadinovic. “Previously we would save the PDFs then sort them out and email the clients via an email client… this FileMaker solution has reduced the overall time for administrative work from one day to a couple of hours.”

Staff on the road use a mobile version of JobPro Central on iPad and iPhone, where they can download job details from the server and then upload times and costs upon completion of a job. The software runs on both Windows and Mac, allowing for flexibility with the operating systems used by employees.

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